The Israel IVS Forum Advisory Board has set up a working group to advance adoption of IVS in Israel. A first meeting was held on Thursday 18 March 2021 and it was decided as a first step to map the differences between IVS and Israeli Valuation Standards. The working group members are:

- Ms Dorit Kadosh - Chair
- Adir Inbar, former Chair of the Professional Council of the Israel CPA Institute and a former member of the IFRS Foundation Standards Advisory Council
- Ms Galit Atsil Lador, former secretary of the Israeli Valuation Standards Board
- Erez Cohen, former Chair of the Israel Real Estate Appraisers Association (IREAA)
- Ms Dovrat Olpiner, senior partner at Greenberg Olpiner a leading independent valuation firm
- Ms Daniella Paz Erez, owner of Israel’s largest development viability appraisal firm
- Ron Cohen MRICS
- Moshe Friedman, senior partner at Barak Friedman, a leading Israeli independent valuation firm